JAYRADIO // Jay-Z vs. Radiohead

The album speaks for itself.



Amy Sedaris

Terry and Jared

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SkinGraft Designs AW2010

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Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

I’m a sucker for vocalists that sound like they don’t give a fuck.  The imagery of some shaggy haired hipster smoking a cigarette behind a wired microphone really gets me excited!

(you know, sometimes it’s okay to be superficial)

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

broken glasses = broken heart

it finally happened. the worst thing that could ever happen – my glasses broke. i’m not entirely sure how it happened, but i have a theory that when my laptop fell it crushed my glasses leaving them, and me, broken. i attempted to superglue them back together, but the fumes of the glue made my eyes sting and i was forced to use my disgusting spare. BUT WAIT. as i was taking the horrible guess frames out of their case they for some reason split in two. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? i immediately got on the subway and found myself at the nearest lens crafters hoping they had the same burberry frame i currently own. no luck. i wandered the city blindly attempting to find a pair of frames that fit my face and eventually ended up in this great store called SEE. we found a pair of sunglasses that we converted into everyday eyewear, but i have to wait 7-10 days to get the specs! AHHH! thank god the superglue fumes have subsided and i can cautiously wear my burberry frames.

but really, what i’m trying to get at is… I REALLY WANT THESE TOM FORD GLASSES. but alas, i don’t have $500 to spend on frames.


My friend Brittany presented this article to me about designer Mark Fast and his use of “real” women for his runway show for London Fashion Week.

I commend him for using real women in his show, but I have to ask, is high end fashion made for real people? Can we at least make a distraction of the FUPA?


The Gorillaz has to be one of my favorite bands, and really, can you blame me? There is something unique and effortlessly cool about this mysterious ensemble of cartoon characters. But, you may be thinking, how could the Gorillaz get any better? The obvious answer is ELECTRONIC DISCO FUNK. Here is an amazing remix of Stylo.

UPDATE:  i got in trouble from box.net for posting this song.

here’s the youtube video

Guyamas Sonora – Beirut

THANK GOD FOR ITUNES SHUFFLE. I had forgotten all about Beirut until my shuffle reminded me of what a great band Beirut is.

Guyamas Sonora

Hedi Slimane